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Who We Are

You can instantly identify the signature beep of a barcode scanner, and the iconic design of your average unassuming barcode. But the story behind those black and white lines on the back of your favorite brands is one of commercial revolution.

For the past 48 years, GS1 has been the global standard for supply chain identification and efficiency, ever since the adoption of its renowned UPC barcode. More than 300,000 brands across 25 industries rely on the UPC barcode to facilitate the entire supply chain process, from product identification all the way to checkout, allowing trading partners to more easily exchange critical business information.

From groceries to gaming systems, hardware to healthcare, and everything in between; GS1’s supply chain ecosystem helps companies of all sizes and sectors speak a common language with all relevant trade and commerce partners, allowing brands to tap into a global economic playground with millions of users across 150 countries at all times.

GS1 By The Numbers

A not-for-profit organization with the goal of simplifying business on all ends of the spectrum, you can get an idea of what GS1 is via a few keen figures:

114 Member
GS1 works with 114 member organizations.
1 Million
GS1 serves more than 1 million businesses, from SMEs to global companies.
150 Countries
GS1 operates in 150 countries.
20 Sectors
GS1 powers 20 different sectors.
2500 Hands
GS1 runs with more than 2,500 dedicated hands.
6 Billion
GS1 enables more than 6 billion transactions every day.
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