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The agricultural and food enterprises of Egypt are reaping the benefits of onetrace. This invaluable solution traces, tracks and reports your goods’ progress at every stage of the supply-chain — past, present and future. onetrace grew out of GS1’s worldwide handling of food and beverage products. Whether in boxes or cartons, on pallets or in shipping containers; food must be traced. This is what onetrace does — from raw state to point-of-sale. Trace your goods’ progress now, forward or historically. Defects and other problems can be found quickly and efficiently.

onetrace records and reports who’s responsible; when, where and how goods are handled, and their temperature and weight. Whether you produce fresh or processed food for home consumption or for export, onetrace is dedicated to Egypt’s agri-food businesses and small/medium enterprises (SMEs). From processing to packaging; from storing until point-of-sale, onetrace traces, tracks and reports every stage of the supply-chain — past, present and future. Choose from a range of customized reports — one of them is right for you.

Collecting data with barcodes is real-time capturing of entries. The process is fast and accurate, so costs fall and mistakes are minimized.

Managing inventories doesn’t get easier than this:

  • GS1 barcodes save time that’s otherwise consumed in laborious data-entering
  • You can modify or add features whenever you like
  • You can work independently or synchronize with any number of users’ applications
  • You get labor identification and productivity measurements
  • You get fast information to make speedier decisions
  • You can print incredibly clear barcode labels
  • Your onetrace report is one click away

onetrace reports include information about:

  • your goods’ identity
  • which partners are, will be and have been involved
  • where was it, where is it now and where is it going

what’s happened, what’s happening and what will happen

Learn more about global GS1 Traceability Standards: GS1 GTS