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Among GS1 Egypt’s key contributions to the food and agriculture sector are Onetrace: a local solution developed to empower fresh food providers and customers with the necessary technology to trace products. This allows agriculture operations to enjoy full traceability from the moment a seed finds its spot in the earth and all the way to its consumer’s plate. From boxes or cartons to entire pallets and shipping containers; food must always be traced, and that’s precisely what Onetrace doe

Onetrace offers users the ability to:

  • Save time with GS1 barcodes.
  • Modify or add features whenever.
  • Work independently or in sync with any number of applications.
  • Obtain labor identification and productivity measurements.
  • Get rapid information for faster decisions.
  • Print clear and credible barcode labels.
  • Generate reports with goods’ identities, partners, locational information and next stage in the supply chain

OneTrace Case Studies

HEIA – Onetrace in Effect

The most clear and concise example of GS1’s Onetrace traceability solutions is Egypt’s own Horticultural Export Improvement Association. Established in 1996, HEIA is a collective of the country’s more advanced producers, exporters, and suppliers of agricultural foodstuffs, as well as companies working in the equipment and packaging sides of agriculture.

Although HEIA’s main goal is to transform Egypt’s agricultural and horticultural prowess into a global powerhouse, this industry-driven association mainly pertains to the improvement of local producers in terms of quality, policy, training, management and marketing, With their efforts in place, the horticultural sector can bloom, improving crop production, penetrating new markets, expanding technology, and developing in terms of service.

HEIA – Onetrace in Effect
OneTrace Case Studies - gs1 Egypt

Luxor Pack House and Cold Storage Project

Onetrace’s effect can be seen in HEIA’s newest venture:

its Luxor Pack House and Cold Storage Project. This agricultural processing and training facility leverages the counter season potential for freshly packed exports, opening multiple doors to many lucrative export markets. With the potential to increase the incomes of more than 4,300 rural households in Upper Egypt, the Luxor Pack House and Cold Storage Project will actively enhance many a farmer’s capacity, food security, and value propositions to the market.

Onetrace expertly integrates into this project, allowing for peak traceability and accountability from the moment a venture is thought up to the second it reaches the households of consumers around the globe. By utilizing GS1’s Global Traceability Standard as well as its massive matrix of product and personnel information; horticultural goods and services can enjoy efficient tracking and identification from the moment they’re conceived to the second they find their place on store shelves.

OneTrace Case Studies - gs1 Egypt
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