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Many commercial entities require GS1 barcode-compliant goods, so daily; yours and many other businesses and small/medium enterprise (SMEs) have to work away at compliance. Why not save time and money on printing costs? Instead of commissioning outsiders, digitally print your own GS1 Egypt barcode labels with oneprint unified labeling.

Choose oneprint:

  • if you’re planning the small barcode print-runs required of many businesses and SMEs in Egypt
  • if your barcodes frequently vary in data-content; the software adjusts your barcodes’ size to the required print resolution

Our oneprint unified labeling speeds up the identification and receiving process. Local and international compliance is easy with the right software, and we have the tools, knowledge and expertise for your business or SME to comply. With oneprint, digitally print your barcodes for every form of packaging — from single goods to cases and pallets.

Before you use oneprint, we advise you to look at the way similar commercial goods to yours are printed and packaged. This will help you with your printing decisions about what size barcode you require; given the type, color, shape, size and substrate of your package.

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