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GS1 and ACI

GS1’s global standards for trade and commerce extend to even greater ventures with Egypt’s Advanced Cargo Information system, allowing for more streamlined import and export operations.

Our barcodes are in strict compliance with the New Egyptian Customs Law #207/2020, effective as of November 2020.

The ACI is Egypt’s newest customs system that mandates the presence of accurate cargo data and documentation, including commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, and cargo manifests. The system states that these documents are required a full 48 hours before a vessel may depart from a loading port. The main purpose of the new ACI is to proactively prevent potential risks associated with imported goods, establishing governance of procedures, and facilitating the release of goods upon arrival in Egypt.

Advanced Cargo Information System

Any imported goods must have an ACI code. Customs took far too much time to clear imports in the past, making owners pay huge sums just for staying in impound. By adding an ACI, the item is automatically checked along with its GPC code, integrating into GS1’s barcode.

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