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Making Money Fly True

Formed in 1997 to bring GS1’s global language of commerce to Egypt, we serve more than 10,000 customers on a daily basis. GS1 Egypt facilitates the intricacies of domestic trade and commerce with its unique identification services, expert consultation and Global Traceability Standards training capabilities

A Common Link Between Every Purchase

GS1 Egypt enables businesses of all sizes, from small-to-medium enterprises to global corporations, across various industries to access a common language for local and international trade and commerce. By implementing GS1 standards and solutions, companies can build lasting bridges between each member of their respective supply chain to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

We bring 40 years of industry excellence and experience to facilitate the global state of trade and commerce with strong, global standards. GS1 serves a variety of industries with its range of standards, services and solutions, enhancing visibility across the entire supply chain spectrum.

What We Do - GS1 Egypt
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