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Worldwide, our barcodes are benefiting millions of enterprises, and have served consumers for over forty years.

Fast, accurate and efficient, a barcode’s main function is to uniquely identify a goods’ item so it can be looked up in a database. For example, to get its price, record its sale, confirm its delivery or identify its order. This is achieved at any stage of the supply-chain and anywhere in the world.

A barcode is used to uniquely identify traded goods. These are products and services that are priced, ordered or invoiced at any stage of the supply-chain, whether at the supermarket checkout, the warehouse or elsewhere.

GS1 barcodes are the worldwide physical identification standard. We are supported by international retailers, and over two million companies use our barcodes in 150 countries. GS1 barcodes make management efficient and unify global business language.

Efficiently run supply-chains are crucial, because most consumer satisfaction comes from saving money and time, meeting demands and being assured about safety. This is especially important in sectors, including global pharmaceuticals, where the safety of millions is reinforced by our work behind the scenes.

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