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GS1 Barcodes

Get GS1 barcodes that identify your products uniquely , so they can be sold anywhere in the world efficiently.

GS1 barcodes are required by all major online and traditional retailers.

Why choose GS1 Egypt for your barcodes?

GS1 is the official GTINs and EAN/UPC barcodes provider in Egypt. We have been
helping companies identify their products since 1996.

Use them on Souq, eBay, Alibaba and other marketplaces

Your unique GS1 barcodes will be valid for all the major marketplaces and retailers.

Do business globally

GS1 Egypt is part of the global GS1 organization that ensures your barcodes work anywhere in the world.

Manage your numbers online

You can create and manage all of your GS1 numbers (barcodes) online for all of your products. You can even create barcode symbols directly.

Fast and Secure

Sign up and pay securely online and you’ll have access to your barcodes within 48 Hours.

Free support by phone or online

Our support team is here to help you on your journey as your business grows.

Don’t just take our word for it…

Dr. Ayat Elmahdy

Dr. Ayat Elmahdy

CEO, Cosmo Care Company.

Our company needed to create barcodes for our products which facilitate our sales at our points of sales & we could do it through GSI Egypt which do it in no time.


Founder, PAF dolls Company

Our company needed GTIN so we can have easier tracking of the products when going from local to international market. GS1 Egypt company gave me advice on the best setup in getting Codes for my products.


What are required documents?

1. Commercial register
2. Tax ID
3. Owner ID

How many Barcode Numbers can I get?

1. 10
2. 100
3. 1000
4. 10000
5. 100000

How long till I get my barcode numbers?

48 hours ( 2 work days )

Why should I pay annual fees for GS1 Egypt?

Since the number property belongs to GS1 and the second party must pay an annual fee to use the barcode number across his/her products.

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