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Welcome to GS1 EgyptThe Global Language of Business

About us

A unique identity, a unique role

GS1 Egypt is an independent, user-driven organization. We provide a common language for trade and commerce. At all-stages of-the supply-chain, we collaborate with trading partners and with businesses and enterprises of all sizes.

GS1 Egypt helps companies by providing a common language for international trade and commerce. We facilitate the proper adoption and implementation of GS1 standards that continually link between and improve the efficiency of all supply-chain stakeholders.

GS1 Egypt is the sole numbering authority in Egypt – affiliated GS1 member organization. With over 4,000 GS1 local database-members in Egypt, we offer a unique identification system for all your products and services. Through our GS1 supply-chain standards, Egyptian enterprises are becoming more efficient and are sharpening their competitive edge.

Being part of an international network gives you a wide range of efficient solutions, including the know-how to build on and link your supply-chain processes, applications and best practices.

GS1 Egypt is your local link to GS1 International:

  • uniquely integrated global organization.
  • division of the most widely used supply-chain standard in the world.
  • division of over two million GS1 users in more than 150 countries.
  • collaborator with over 20 commercial sectors, including fast-moving consumer goods, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, transport and logistics.