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GS1 eCom

GS1 eCom provides global standards for electronic business messaging that allow automatic electronic transmission of agreed business data between trading partners. This automation ensures that the exchange is done in rapid, efficient and accurate manner.

GS1 Products & Solutions

GS1 has currently two sets of complementary eCom standards:

  • GS1 XML

GS1 eCom is our term for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). This gives your business or small/medium enterprise (SME) e-interchange of data messages.

EDI enables online exchanges of documents between businesses and SMEs, regardless of software. EDI uses standardized messaging to achieve a common language.

Despite the hundreds of Egyptian businesses investing in auto-programs and ERP systems, results show that standardization-levels are low, so return on investment is compromised. Current auto/semi-auto practices all too often end with hard-copy invoices or purchase orders being faxed or hand-delivered! GS1 eCom is changing all this with standardized messaging for e-business.

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