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We don’t need to tell you about the magnitude of purchases made on Amazon daily; they are almost innumerable. With so many items flying into Amazon’s own database, and just as immediately flying out to your homes, traceability and item tracking can be problematic.

Amazon - GS1 Egypt

Why a GTIN Matters ?

GS1’s Global Traceability Standard and expanding database of product information make it ideal and essential to apply a GTIN to any product. With a GTIN, manufacturers, suppliers, resellers, wholesalers, and everyone in between can easily track their product information down to the sales made and recalls ordered

Today, it is a mandatory requirement, in both local and international contexts, for vendors to obtain a GS1 GTIN in order to list their wares on Amazon. Whether the vendor obtains an Egyptian GTIN or another type of GTIN; Amazon will only cooperate with GS1-verified vendor

How Do I Start Selling?

It is an essential requirement for any vendor listing their products on Amazon to obtain a verified GTIN from GS1. Opting to register with GS1 Egypt will enable you to list your wares locally, whereas an international GTIN will allow you to expand your selection of marketable products, all while enjoying peak traceability.

Amazon benefits from GS1’s global traceability standards immensely, and here’s how:

  • Easy worldwide traceability, from manufacture to sale.
  • Guaranteed authenticity to curb the counterfeit activity.
  • Unified identification to prevent price marking.
  • Simple procedure in case of a product recall or returns.
  • Product availability updates for replenishment to minimize stockouts.
  • Simplified supply chain process to facilitate sales.
  • Google recommendations directly based on barcode.
Amazon Egypt - GS1 Egypt

Getting Your GS1 Barcode

Nowadays, it is a requirement to use GS1’s Global Traceability Standard to work with Amazon. All a vendor needs is to acquire a GTIN to start selling their wares, and all it takes is a quick signup process on our website.

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