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A Partnership for Product Traceability

In the fast-paced world of Amazon, where countless purchases are made daily, tracking items can be a challenging task. Amazon recognizes the importance of traceability and has partnered with GS1 Egypt to ensure that products entering and leaving their database are easily tracked. But why does this partnership matter?


Why a GTIN Matters ?

GS1’s Global Traceability Standard, combined with its ever-expanding product database, makes the application of a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) essential for any product. This standardized identifier allows manufacturers, suppliers, resellers, wholesalers, and everyone involved in the supply chain to track their products, from production to sales, and even during recalls.

In both local and international contexts, obtaining a GS1 GTIN is now a mandatory requirement for vendors looking to list their products on Amazon. Amazon exclusively collaborates with GS1-verified vendors, ensuring product authenticity and a seamless traceability process.

How Do I Start Selling?

For any vendor looking to list products on Amazon, obtaining a verified GTIN from GS1 is a fundamental requirement. By registering with GS1 Egypt, vendors can list their products locally, while an international GTIN allows them to expand their range and enjoy peak traceability.

Amazon benefits significantly from GS1’s global traceability standards, including:

  • Easy worldwide traceability from manufacturing to sale.
  • Guaranteed authenticity to combat counterfeit activity.
  • Unified identification to prevent price manipulation.
  • A streamlined process in case of product recalls or returns.
  • Real-time product availability updates to minimize stockouts.
  • Simplified supply chain processes to facilitate sales.
  • Google recommendations based on barcode data.

Product UPCs and GTINs on Amazon

Amazon’s success hinges on product selection and buyer satisfaction. Sellers play a pivotal role in improving the overall quality of Amazon’s product catalog by providing industry-standard product identifiers. These identifiers, such as GTINs, enhance the trust and confidence customers have in the diverse range of products available on Amazon, spanning from books to jewelry to tools.

In most product categories, sellers are required to use a product identifier like a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) when creating new product listings. While the specific GTIN needed varies by category, EANs and UPCs are the most commonly used identifiers. The table summarizing category UPC requirements provides details on each category’s specific requirements, exceptions, and exemptions.

Understanding Product IDs

Using product identifiers is vital for ensuring a high-quality customer experience. Standard identifiers also make it easier for other sellers to contribute to product pages with accurate data.

Guidelines for UPC and GTIN

  • In most categories, sellers must use a GTIN, such as an EAN, UPC, or ISBN, as a product identifier when creating or matching product listings. Using false product identification information is prohibited and can lead to the suspension of a seller’s account.
  • For rare or collectible items, some categories may accept publisher information, manufacturer model, and part numbers in place of an ISBN or EAN/UPC.
  • Sellers can request EAN/UPC exemptions for brands with no verifiable barcodes, but requirements may vary across categories or product types.
  • Certain products are not allowed on Amazon under any conditions, which is outlined in the Restricted Products section.

Valid UPCs

Amazon verifies product identifiers by checking the GS1 database. EANs/UPCs that don’t match GS1 data are considered invalid. Sellers are encouraged to obtain their product identifiers directly from GS1 (and not from other third parties selling EAN/UPC licenses) to ensure the appropriate information is reflected in the GS1 database.

Note: All invalid product EAN or UPC listings will be removed and may result in your ASIN creation or selling privileges being temporarily or permanently removed. For more information on licensing EANs/UPCs from GS1, see the GS1 website.

In summary, the collaboration between Amazon Egypt and GS1 Egypt, through GTINs and product identifiers, ensures that products are traceable, authentic, and presented to customers in a high-quality manner, enhancing the overall Amazon shopping experience.

Getting Your GS1 Barcode

Today, working with Amazon requires adherence to GS1’s Global Traceability Standard. To start selling, all a vendor needs is to obtain a GTIN. The signup process on GS1 Egypt’s website is quick and straightforward.

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