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Our consultants are ready and waiting to serve your business or small/medium enterprise (SME). We take a neutral position, so you’ll always get quality solutions and applications at the best prices.

We Provide

  • Integrated consultancy services for implementing standards-compliant hardware and software solutions
  • Expert knowledge in areas such as data structures, the GS1 system and its identification numbers
  • Application identifiers (AIs)
  • Data carriers (barcodes)
  • Quick response code (QR)
  • DataMatrix barcode
  • Solutions that utilize Automatic Identification and Data-capturing (AIDC)


Having adopted our standards, learn how to optimize your technologies, improve your supply-chain’s efficiency and profitability, and comply with its levels of safety and security.

We Advice On

  • Regulatory requirements, including product visibility, traceability and, if required, efficient recall from trading partners
  • Product authentication
  • E-data exchange and synchronization
  • Business processes with trading partners
  • Inefficiencies and how to overcome them
  • Affordable ways to enhance performance

GS1 DM Printing Consultation service

GS1 Egypt is now serving all the pharmaceutical industry with a consultation service that allows you to:

  1. Take 3 lectures about GS1 Standards and the usage of GS1 Standards
  2. Check the printer specifications and recommend some production line printers
  3. Choose with the pharmaceutical factory the production line printer
  4. Check printing specification after test
  5. Get a verification report to 5 samples
  6. Get a certificate of using GS1 Standards
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