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LEI – Legal Entity Identifier

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The LEI – Legal Entity Identifier. A 20-digit code for globally unique identification of legal entities in the financial sector. An LEI is now mandatory for those who operate so-called OTC (over the counter) derivative transactions and must report them to trade repositories. These include banks, insurance companies, and investment funds. This reporting requirement is enshrined in the EU Regulation “EMIR” and has been valid since 2014 for the five asset classes, credit, interest rate, FX, commodity and equity derivatives.

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Getting an LEI through GS1 Egypt takes just a few steps. First, you have to register on the service page

From confirmed registration, you can apply for one or more LEI in the online portal or arrange for the transfer of your LEI to GS1 Egypt. After an examination of your data by GS1 Egypt and the comparison with the international LEI database, we will send you your LEI directly. Only then do we put the bill. An LEI is valid for one year. In time for expiration, you will receive a reminder. You then have to extend your LEI actively in the online portal. You can make a transfer to GS1 Egypt at any time during the year, you do not pay any double fees.

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