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Safemed Anticounterfeit Solution

We are living in a world of global markets and there are few, if any, borders between sectors, countries and continents. With increased globalisation, comes increased complexity of business processes, from “point of production to point of use”, “pill to patient”.

It is increasingly more difficult to control the supply chain, as it becomes more complex and sometimes crosses borders across the world. Increased varieties of suppliers, products and buyers, and new technologies have been added to products and processes increasing complexity.

SafeMed - GS1 Egypt

Healthcare organisations require consistent traceability solutions spanning the extended supply chain regardless of country. External traceability between pharmaceutical trading partners requires a common language on how to track and trace a specific product, how to identify it, what data to exchange, and/or the technology to use.

Safemed Anticounterfeit Solution - GS1 Egypt

Each partner in the supply chain have their own objectives in terms of the use of the traceability system, the lowest level of traceable item and the data required to manage their particular trading or traceability environment and strategy. Yet partners need to work collaboratively in order to achieve the required level of traceability across the extended supply chain.

There is where Safemed plays a role.

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