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UPA (Unified Procurement Authority)

The Unified Procurement Authority works tirelessly to ensure the fair and necessary distribution of medicines and medical supplies within the medical framework of Egypt.

Whatever a governmental medical entity requires in terms of medical supplies and equipment, the UPA ensures a more cost-effective supply, saving valuable resources wherever necessary.

UPA - GS1 Egypt
(Unified Procurement Authority)

GS1 and the UPA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

mandating the need for a GS1 GTIN on all medical supplies and services under the UPA’s auspice. Registrants must ensure their applications in order to continue.

GS1 (upa.gov.eg)

In order for suppliers and medical entities to comply with the UPA’s guidelines, a GS1 GTIN must be obtained and properly applied to all products

GS1 and the UPA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding
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