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Today, quick response (QR) codes are becoming more and more familiar. They’re the printed ‘gateways’ of marketing and advertising. Used first by the Japanese car industry, QR codes appear in print advertising, magazine editorial and on product pack labels

QR connect - GS1 Egypt

GS1 Egypt’s qrconnect allows your prospective customers to phone-scan the QR code you’ve had printed on your advert or poster — even on a T-shirt. QR codes instantly link the physical world to online content. With qrconnect, your prospects can view your marketing content, information, photos, promotions and other info about your product or service.

GS1 Egypt’s qrconnect carries a lot more information than a barcode. QR (quick response) code is a printed matrix symbol — square dots in a square grid — which can be scanned by a QR-scanner or by a smartphone or Android camera. The code contains text and URLs that instantly direct your prospective customers to the GS1 Egypt dedicated landing page to see info about your products or services, or if you have them, to your website or Facebook page.

Some of our work:

qrconnect can be inserted into most forms of print, so there are numerous ways to use it for your marketing and promotions. Print qrconnect on:

  • conference and event displays
  • advertisements /outdoors
  • business cards
  • brochures, posters and flyers
  • postcards and mailers
  • packaging
  • press releases
    surveys and competitions
GS1 Egypt’s qrconnect

Print qrconnect and:

  • increase sales
  • build customer loyalty
  • strengthen your relationship with your customers
  • increase your customers’ awareness about your products or services
  • track and gather information about your customers
  • give more of your marketing exposure an online presence
  • easily promote with offers and reward programs

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