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The GS1 Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN®) is a GS1 communication standard.

Inconsistencies in product information are the most significant deterrents to efficient supply-chain management. If you closely follow supply-chain problems, inconsistent, inaccurate data is invariably the root cause.

GDSN - GS1 Egypt

Data synchronization, both internally and with trading partners, can help enterprises achieve and maintain one consistent version of information in every supply-chain link. The GDSN shows how tech-assisted collaboration can benefit all stakeholders of streamlined business-processes. The GDSN cuts costs and greatly improves the order-to-payout process.

GS1 GDSN -GS1 Egypt

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The GDSN enables the sharing of accurate, up-to-date data and information among trading partners. For example, any changes made to an enterprise’s database are instantly provided to everyone involved. The GSDN ensures that all trading partners have access to the same, accurate information.

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