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  • Jul 16, 2014

Our consultants are ready and waiting to serve your business or small/medium enterprise (SME). We take a neutral position, so you’ll always get quality solutions and applications at the best prices.


We provide:

  • Integrated consultancy services for implementing standards-compliant hardware and software solutions
  • Expert knowledge in areas such as data structures, the GS1 system and its identification numbers
  • Application identifiers (AIs)
  • Data carriers (barcodes)
  • Quick response code (QR)
  • DataMatrix barcode
  • Solutions that utilize Automatic Identification and Data-capturing (AIDC)



Having adopted our standards, learn how to optimize your technologies, improve your supply-chain’s efficiency and profitability, and comply with its levels of safety and security.

We advise on:

  • Regulatory requirements, including product visibility, traceability and, if required, efficient recall from trading partners
  • Product authentication
  • E-data exchange and synchronization
  • Business processes with trading partners
  • Inefficiencies and how to overcome them
  • Affordable ways to enhance performance

GS1 DM Printing Consultation service

    • GS1 Egypt is now serving all the pharmaceutical industry with a consultation service that allows you to:

1- Take 3 lectures about GS1 Standards and the usage of GS1 Standards
2- Check the printer specifications and recommend some production line printers
3- Choose with the pharmaceutical factory the production line printer
4- Check printing specification after test
5- Get a verification report to 5 samples
6- Get a certificate of using GS1 Standards

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