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The agriculture sector in Egypt is sharing high interest to adopt & implement the GS1 system of standards. Various levels of standard-based internal and external traceability are no more an optional requirement to have.
Traceability has become an obligatory market access requirement for Agro-Food exporters operating in Egypt trying to gain access to the European and the U.S. markets, given the fact that compliance to international safety and quality standards is not only a regulatory issue, but it is also a competitive edge for any supplier who wants to compete within the international market level. The Agribusiness supply chain is facing many challenges that require a standardized system of standards to manage. Based on its ability to provide globally unique identification of trade items, logistic units, parties and locations, the GS1 system is particularly well suited to be used for traceability purposes covering all parties in the agriculture value chain. While the Agribusiness is a fundamental continuously growing sector in Egypt, the pressure to efficiently manage the increasing demands for transparency, visibility, and robust traceability is growing as well. Agribusiness client has concluded that the solution is to implement an electronic recording system in key operational areas. The implementation of such a system provides an opportunity to review current business practices and identify areas of change that will yield process improvements and embed control points to preserve the integrity of the product.
GLN - Global Location Number ...The Single Source of Information for Locations
What is a Global Location Number (GLN)?
The GLN is the GS1 Identification Key used for any location (physical, operational or legal) that needs to be identified for use in the supply chain.
In today’s world, accurate location information is more important than ever before, especially when multiple account numbers are being utilized by your trading partners. With accurate location information and a proper hierarchy, the GLN Registry™ becomes the “single source of place at the right time and that your contracts and rebates are being executed correctly. The GLN Registry is a subscription-based web solution that provides a comprehensive list of participating companies in the Egypt with their corresponding Global Location Numbers and GLN information. The GLN Registry serves as the single source for location information, enabling subscribers to access up-to-date, reliable location information for Back-House, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and retail to improve the accuracy of their supply chain activities.
Over 25 leading Egyptian companies implement our GS1 standards-based traceability solution to insure supply chain efficiency. Some of our clients:

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