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Terms and Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions are set out below. They govern our business relationship with customers and should be read carefully.  

Invoice Terms

GS1 Egypt’s standard payment terms are that invoices must be paid in full at the date of the registration.

Payment of an invoice constitutes acceptance of the relevant current terms and conditions of the subscription / services detailed within the contract.

Electronic Invoicing

GS1 Egypt customer base invoicing is delivered by mail.  GS1 Egypt is currently developing the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to automate the invoice process.



In the event that a refund is to be issued, this will be done as part of our standard refund payment process which is executed at the end of each calendar month. It is your responsibility to delegate a representative to receive the refunded amounts. Noting that in case you want to get your money back via bank or Egypt Post Transfer, the Transfer fees will be deducted from the total amount.


Termination of Subscription Membership

Subscription membership of GS1 Egypt is governed by a Subscription Membership and License Agreement. Termination must be in accordance with the provisions of the Subscription Membership and License Agreement mentioned in the Signed Contract between you and GS1 Egypt, which is Signing to the End of Contract Form 60 days before the renewal date.

Non-payment of the invoice does not constitute proper notice of termination.

Termination does not remove the obligation to pay subscription renewal fees. In the event that there are outstanding invoices for subscriptions at termination, then the full amount will be due and payable as at the date formal documentation is received. There will be no refunds where subscription membership is terminated and the account is paid.

There will be no refunds where subscription membership is terminated, and the account is paid.


 Administration Charges

In accordance with published fee schedules, GS1 reserves the right to charge an administration fee. Typically, this fee is not applicable to administration processes included as part of subscription i.e. issue of numbers within an allocation.

Payment Methods

Subscription Payment Method

Online Payment

Online payment is available on our website at www.gs1eg.org.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) can be done by depositing the required funds directly into the GS1 Egypt bank account.

To facilitate prompt account reconciliation, please ensure that a remittance advice containing your company name. Then you can send the deposit receipt by email to GS1 Egypt contracting department at [email protected].

Renewal Fees Collection Method

GS1 Egypt standardly follow the direct debit way through the ACH mandate to get the annual fees in the beginning of the renewal month with all the Egyptian companies. The direct debit facility facilitates automated and simplified administration processes thereby reducing costs for GS1 Egypt and your organization.

Any Foreign company must pay 4 years in advance as an insurance that are being refunded after ending the contract according to the Termination policy.

Debt Collection

Should an invoice become overdue, GS1 Egypt reserves the right to add 20% as a delay penalty to the original renewal fees. And on case of keeping the amount not paid, GS1 Egypt has the right to forward that invoice to the legal agency department for recovery.

Help us to provide you with the best possible products, services and support by paying your invoice on time.