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Anticounterfeit – Eipico Case Study

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  • Dec 07, 2014

– GS1 Egypt Assists EIPICO Pharma in Meeting New SFDA Regulations for Export

– A GS1 Egypt Healthcare Success Story – EIPICO Pharma

– GS1 Egypt Transforming the Healthcare Supply Chain & Patient Safety (EIPICO Pharma Case Study)


The healthcare sector in Egypt is a major part of the economy, as there are about 10,000 types of pharmaceutical products manufactured in Egypt and exported to many countries all over the world.

The healthcare industry around the globe is facing challenges that affect the entire supply chain, from manufacturers through to distributors, healthcare providers and patients. Everyone is concerned primarily with two main issues: increasing supply chain efficiency and more importantly, ensuring patient safety.

In Egypt, we are mainly focusing on pharmaceuticals as there are many challenges when trying to ensure the right drug reaches the final point of dispense, since the counterfeit of drugs has been a serious problem.

The pharmaceutical supply chain in Egypt consists of: manufacturers, distributors, hospitals and retail pharmacies, and finally, the patient. There are more than 400 pharmaceutical factories, 500 distributors, and 60,000 pharmacies in Egypt.

The regulatory landscape continues to evolve and new regulations are being passed all the time. This has a direct impact on the pharmaceutical supply chain, requiring stakeholders to implement more accurate and advance identification technology and traceability systems to improve patient safety.

GS1 Egypt assisted EIPICO Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Egypt, in meeting the new SFDA (Saudi Food & Drug Authority) regulations for exporting drugs to Saudi Arabia>>>>

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