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Safe Aid is a system aiming at making the patient takes all the care deserved as well as the rights settled by the global healthcare community and the world health organization WHO:

  • Right patient
  • Right drug
  • Right dose
  • Right route
  • Right time

What Safeaid offers is to track the whole route of the patient since the admission to the hospital by issuing a wrest band with ID carrying a GSRN (Global Service Relation Number) then registering the patients’ location as well in Safeaid solution under the GLN (Global Location Number) determining the location of the departments and the room number, while all of these data are to be synchronized on spot with the patient’s electronic health record EHR.

Then the patient is treated normally and goes through the hospital departments related to his case. Doctors use a hand-held device to manage the patient record by scanning the GLN then scan their own ID (GSRN) and scan the patient’s ID, while having the ability to view the whole patient record directly on the small hand-held device and every treatment given to patient as well this patient medical history.