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How many barcodes do you need?

You can choose one or two from the following plans according to your numbers quantity.

Note: these prices doesn’t include VAT.

Up to 10 barcode

Joining fee:1,500 EGP

Annual fee:2,000 EGP

Total:3,500 EGP


Up to 100 barcodes

Joining fee:3,000 EGP

Annual fee:3,500 EGP

Total:6,500 EGP


Up to 1,000 barcodes

Joining fee:4,000 EGP

Annual fee:8,000 EGP

Total:12,000 EGP


Up to 10,000 barcodes

Joining fee:5,000 EGP

Annual fee:12,000 EGP

Total:17,000 EGP


Up to 100,000 barcodes

Joining fee:6,000 EGP

Annual fee:15,000 EGP

Total:21,000 EGP


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The Prices Include Vat 14% ( EGP )

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Account Name: GS1 Egypt
QNB customer ID: 1000697786
EGP account number: 712- 20312480886 - 08
Branch: Nasr City

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The contract will be delivered within 48 hours to you with the courier after siging the contract you can use your barcode numbers immediately.


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No entries match your request.

No entries match your request.