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The Transport and Logistics (T&L) industry is one of the most critical sectors in Egypt. It plays an important strategic role in the supply chain of all industry sectors, and its success is a key factor in the nation’s economic performance. The sector is the vital link between domestic and international trading partners. Many trading partners are faced with different business processes and data interchanges with their logistics service providers (LSPs). When interaction becomes more complex, these differences often create barriers associated with scalability and visibility, which then have an impact on daily operations. The objective of GS1 regarding Transport & Logistics (T&L) is to improve efficiency and visibility of the operations of supply chain stakeholders through the use of GS1 standards. The GS1 System of standards enables all trading partners to make improvements in Transport & Logistics processes for improved efficiency, increased visibility of the flow of shipments, more efficient handling and inventory management, increased security of distribution and speed of operations.
FIATA and GS1 sign Memorandum of Understanding to advance transport & logistics solutions for today’s customers.
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